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Paintball safety is not a humor


Paintball's superb safety record compared with other sports is largely attributable to the attention that has been paid to safety concerns from the very beginnings of the game. High strength goggles are always a requirement at any field as well as barrel plugs and chronographs.

At Eger club, Russia, Moscow, we pay very serious attention to paintball safety.

Barrel plugs are an internationally-accepted safety item for paintball. Barrel plugs are required in all non-shooting areas and whenever a referee requires that plugs be inserted.

Chronographs are also mandatory for paintball. These devices measure the velocity at which the paintball is leaving the barrel of the marker. The international speed limit is 300 feet per second (fps). For indoor or other close range play, the speed limits are lower. In tournaments, penalties for exceeding the speed limit have cost many teams a trip to the finals--tournament directors have no sense of humor when it comes to enforcing safety rules.

Referees enforce safety and playing rules, as well as start and stop every game. They tend to chose brightly colored outfits, and players are generally not allowed to wear uniforms that resemble ref clothing. They are also called judges or marshals.

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