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2 on 1 in paintball

What to do when you're the last man standing on your team and they still have 2 or 3 of their guys looking to paint a portrait?
Is it time to panic? Or keep playing paintball!

First, you have to have self-confidence. Believe that nothing is impossible and that you can pull it off and win the game for your team. Not just put up good fight or have a valiant effort, win.

Second, fools rush in! When a team is up on numbers like this they don't coordinate with one another, communication breaks down or lacks. They will play bunkers very loosely. They will even stay out of cover completely. They all want to be the one who gets the final elimination. (One player should do the spotting, one should lay suppressive fire and one should move, get the angle or backdoor the last player.)

Third, fall back and don't panic. Maybe create a fictitious partner, if they don't know the count for sure (especially if they eliminated your teammates in rapid order) or they didn't count the "Dead Box." By creating a fictitious teammate, if they believe you, they won't overpower you or blitz you. Talk like someone is on the field with you, say a teammate's name, do some hand signals, etc. They won't be able to see your partner so they will be more cautious than if they think they are moving on just one person.

1) Make them come to you. Fall back and protect your flag station. Lean towards posting up to one flank on the boundary. This keeps them from flanking you on both the right and left. Shoot at all of their positions, but don't stay on any one position too long. 

2) On thick fields, if you can get away with it, lie down. Wait until they pass you, and then back shoot them or run for the flag. 

3) If you are shooting against one of them especially on one side, and you take him out, rush through the open area that is now vacated. Flank them, get behind them. This can be done and successfully. 

4) Or blitz an opponent who is having paintgun problems or is low on paint. You will hear his paintgun act up or he won't be firing much. 

5) Size up your opponents as fast as you can, determine the weakest one and blitz him or her. 

6) If all else fails (or looks like it would), get up and run right for the flag. Pull it and go in for the hang. A lot of the time when a team is up on numbers like this, they will pass up the flag and not even get the pull (in a center flag game). 

Do the craziest thing you can think of to win. You will be surprised how many times you come out on top.

(c) 2003 Пейнтбол Клуб Егерь

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