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Using wind in paintball

How you may use wind in paintball you ask? You may use the wind to your advantage, as it can mask the sounds of movement and garble your conversations. When winds blow leaves and other debris about noisily, use the natural sound to cover the sound of you footsteps as you charge quietly towards your opponents; they won't hear you coming! 

If you have to get vital info to buddies, but don't want to have your opponents understand your commands, use code words and/or bark the information to the players when the wind is blowing. If your teammates are closer to you than your opponents, odds are that they will hear you clearly and your opponents won't!

You can use the wind to your advantage in other ways as well. If you are given the option of choosing the side of the field you want, consider play from the side that puts the wind to your  back. Paintballs are big and highly susceptible to wind. If you are shooting with the wind, your balls will be helped along by the air and go slightly farther, slightly flatter. Conversely, your opponents’ balls will be flying directly into the wind, which will slow them down and make them drop shorter than yours (provided you are all shooting at the same velocity).

The stronger the wind, the stronger effect! Beware of crosswinds though--they can make you miss your target!

From masking your movements to giving you a little extra range, take the wind into consideration the next time you play!

Play paintball -  live active life. Be Safe!

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