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Paintball Players Must Know This!

This a very interesting fact that it is paintball that started a new fashion of playing sports. Coming into the great world of paintball is not always as easy as it seems to be. Paintball is a very complex, and intense sport. Being a new player in the sport of paintball is not easy like many people think it is. What many people do not understand is that paintball is not just going out to the field and shooting at other players. Just like all other sports, paintball has rules, and penalties. Here are some things that a new player should know before playing paintball.


You can't expect to just go out on the field and start shooting at people. Paintball fields are very organized events. There are many rules that players must follow if they want to play paintball, rules like "no overshooting." You cannot go out and randomly shoot people until you feel like stopping. 

Once you mark a player with one ball he is out. Stop shooting at him. 

Overshooting a player can result in you sitting out for a game, or even being kicked off the field. Some fields may even kick you off their fields for life if you break the rules. But they need your money, so that is not likely.


You need the right gear if you want to play. If you are renting from the field, they will supply all the gear that you need for the games. If you are a new player who is planing on buying your own gear, then you will need all required equipment. 

The first thing you should buy is a mask. Yes, a mask, not the marker ("‘gun"). If you buy a marker and you do not have a mask, then your marker is useless. Safety is always first in paintball. If you do not have a mask the field refs will not let you play. 

After the mask and other safety gear comes the marker, then the CO2 or N2 tank, then the hopper. I recommend that you buy your gear in this order.


Now that you have the gear, it's time to get your tank filled, and buy some paint. You should always shoot your marker at the target range before the games start. It is a good idea to get familiar with your gear before playing in a game with it, to get comfortable and confident with your gear.


Once at the field, you won’t just jump onto the fields. You have to make sure you read and understand all of the field’s rules. Go over the rules two, or three times, and be sure to follow them to the fullest. You must know every rule before stepping onto the fields. 

It may seem hard to follow every rule of paintball, but after playing a couple of times they become second nature. 

Also remember to look at a field map if one is available. Find out where the fields are, and how big they are. Be sure to know where you are at all times, and do not forget to find out the location of the dead box before each game. It is very important!


Now you are ready for play. When the ref calls your group, head to your first field. Before the whistle blows, find out who is on your team, and what color your team is. The last thing you want to do (besides taking your goggles off!) is to shoot someone on your own team. 

Listen to the field judge very carefully. He will tell you things like where the dead box is, and how long the time limit of the game is. Set your timer or watch to the game time limit. It is always good to know how much time is left in the game. 


Remember safety is always first. Taking your goggles off can cost you the game. Make sure to have fun. Keep those goggles on, and play safe.

PLay safe paintball!

(c) 2003 Пейнтбол Клуб Егерь

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