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The Hero Paintball Mentality - it is your new paintball mentality!

The Hero paintball Mentality says, "Yell like you’re talking to 100, play like you're alone!"
Here is the way to your new hero mentality. Just read it up? man. It is your new paintball mentality. Get ready for it! Paqintball is great!
We've all had the experience.... "Hey you guys cover me while I run up!" The reply? "Yeah, ok man!"

Three steps outside your bunker, and you've been hit 6 times already. 

What do you do? Well, you could always yell your head off like, "You call THAT cover?!?" but that generally irritates your teammates and can result in "accidental" shots to your rear in future games. Does this mean just don't worry about teammates
anymore? No! It means the guys behind you aren't perfect. Maybe they missed, maybe they had a marker jam, maybe they ran out of paint or air-- the possible things that can go wrong are endless.

I have heard the saying, "People make mistakes, so gimme this gun over teammates" or some stupid remark like that. Baloney! No matter how hot shot, or accurate, or fast you are, you aren't going to win ANY paintball games (whether tournament or otherwise) without your teammates. (OK OK I realize there are one-on-one tournaments, but you get the picture...for the most part, you need teammates. No matter how you slice it, you're stuck with em!). And half the time, the "mistake" that costs you the game or gets you shot is a marker jam!

The Hero Mentality says, "Yell like you’re talking to 100, play like you're alone!"

Communicate every possible move beforehand, and then play it "worst case" scenario. Play like everyone else on your team is about to get shot out, and you need to do it all yourself. Then, when everyone doesn't get shot out, you were mentally prepared to take on the whole other team single-handed, and now, look at all the other guys helping

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