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New Game of Paintball

Paintball heads into 2005 with a positive attitude.

Our sport has 8,100,000 players. 

Paintball is our sport. It's a great sport. Listen to us when we tell you about paintball. Respect us and our buying power. Work with us, not against us.

Why is paintball so strong and growing? Because it's fun.

Our game plan for 2002 is simple: keep it fun, and keep it growing.

The products are better overall, and less expensive at the low end, than ever before. One single paintball used to cost 30 cents--look at what you pay per ball today. A high end pump marker used to run over $400. Look at how many good semi-autos cost less than $400 today. 

We used to play only in the woods. Now we have multi-colored arenas plus woods, plus the promise of more special scenario parks. Europe leads the way, with competitions in major sports arenas. The RadarChron hand-held chrono, under $100, had led to major changes in our sport's competition rules. 

Mention paintball today and people say, "Great sport" instead of "What? Ping Pong?"

We are a powerful sport that has not yet realized or exercised its power, but that's about to change. Efforts underway by the newly formed Paintball Products Manufacturers Association (PPMA) are mainstream, major, and very welcome.

Paintball has more participants than surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, martial arts, wrestling, boxing, BMX bicycling, street hockey, tackle football roller hockey, badminton, racquetball, archery, ice hockey, trap and skeet shooting, or sporting clays. We're slightly ahead of snowmobiling and slightly behind snowboarding.

In the bigger sports picture, check these numbers. Paintball has 7.1 million participants. Softball, 9.7. Baseball, 10.9. Touch football, 15.5. Soccer, 17.1. Basketball, 37.6 million participants.*

* Source: The SGMA Report 2001, an annual report of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA).


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